Cano Island Biological Reserve Scuba Diving

Rated as being one of the best underwater adventure diving spots in the world, the Cano Island Biological Reserve is also home to a huge variety of fish, whales and sharks.

The Marine Biological Reserve of Cano Island (Isla de Cano) lies only 10 miles offshore from Osa Peninsula. The reserves waters are vibrant with gorgeous coral reefs, tropical fish, octopus, barracuda, amberjacks, Wahoo, various rays, sea turtles and with luck marlin or dolphins. Shark species such as white tipped reef sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks and occasionally hammerheads are also spotted.

The diving here alternates between rocky outcroppings, vibrant coral, stunning tunnels and archways. Cano Island is a blue-watered tropical paradise with visibility to 100 feet, a diving jewel and one not to miss when visiting the 'Rich Coast'.