Barra Honda Caves

Perhaps the most notable feature of Barra Honda National Park is the caves, which have been cut through the small mountains by water. Ranging from just a few meters to more than 780 feet deep, the caverns were discovered in the late 1960s. Prior to their discovery, many experts believed that Cerro Barra Honda (the 1459-foot hill at the park) was a volcano due to the sounds made by bats as they left the caverns.

For travelers interested in experiencing eco-tourism in Costa Rica, Barra Honda Caverns National Park is an ideal setting, as it features some of the most unique natural landmarks in the country.

This guided tour begins with a short hike through the park's dry tropical forest before heading underground. As you walk through the forest, you may be able to spot coatis, agoutis, anteaters, and monkeys. Descending into caves, you'll hear the sound of water dripping against rocks and see the twisted, ghost-like formations of hardened calcium all around you. In total, there are 42 caves at Barra Honda, but only one is open to visitors. After an hour of exploring the ins-and-outs of the cave system, you'll emerge above ground for a refreshing lunch.