The caves of Barra Honda are well preserved because their vertical entrances are difficult to negotiate. Nevertheless have human skeletons and pre-Columbian artifacts been found in the 30 m deep Nicoa Cave.

The deepest of the Barra Honda caves is Santa Ana which drops to 249 meters below surface, while La Trampa (the trap) has the deepest precipice - a 30 m vertical entrance. Speleologists and spelunkers from around the world are drawn to Barra Honda.

One of the largest and most beautiful caves is Terciopelo which along with la Cuevita, is the only one open to the public. Tours must be accompanied by a local guide. At the entrance to the cave you are fit with a rappelling harness and helmet. The harness is only a security for the initial 17-meter descent on an aluminum ladder.

At this tour you are not only able to hike the caves but also you will be able to see all kinds of wildlife, birds and medical trees Its main attraction would have to be the huge limestone cavern system. The deepest location in Barra Honda Tours Costa Rica is 787 feet (240 m) into the earth. So with the natural art structures and other beauties inside will be sure to make it work you will for anyone seeking an adventure. Barra Honda National Park Tours these caves are over 60 million years old and reach 300 m above sea level. The highest peak stands at 450m. This is a difficult hike and tour. It will take one hour all together. Along the way we will be pointing out. Being so high up, the ongoing flow o rain water and calcium deposits make stalactites and stalagmites which form an underground art gallery. You should wear long pants and sturdy shoes with good grip as the ground in the caves is very slippery and you have to climb over broken stalactites and rocks. Visitors shouldn't have fear of enclosed places and some openings to caverns are narrow, so it might be difficult or impossible for big people to pass through.


1 Day, Length: 8 Hours Aprox.


Guanacaste at 7:00am (Please contact us to coordinate the transportation)


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Tennis shoes, Comfortable clothes, Camera, Insect repellent


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Barra Honda National Park Tours

Barra Honda National Park, Hiking Tours in Barra Honda have main attraction is an intricately large system of limestone caverns which house a multitude of capricious forms and figures. Reef rocks constitute Barra Honda Caves Tours,