Sea Turtle Tours

Every year from April to November thousands of sea turtles come ashore on the beaches of Costa Rica to lay their eggs. Both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts are visited by over six species of sea turtles, whose golf ball-sized eggs will incubate beneath the sand for 50-70 days before emerging as hatchlings and beginning their mad scramble towards the sea. This night-time tour allows travelers to observe either end of this ancient procession – the laying or hatching – and are sure to provide any tour taker with an unforgettable unique memory.

Unsurpassed Naturalist Guides

Our renowned Expedition Leaders are the key to this trip! They average 15 years of guiding experience each, and their long-time relationships with sea turtle researchers and conservation organizations ensures a level of personal access you d never find with a standard tour operator that might make a brief visit to observe turtles on the beach. KING TOURS takes pride in hiring only the best and most highly trained Expedition Leaders.