Palo Verde National Park

The Park Protects one of the most endangered ecosystems. It is one of the last remaining tropical dry rainforest that once covered most of Central America. Tropical dry rainforests now in 1% of their original size and are considered one of the most endangered ecosystems in the tropics.

After a scenic drive, enjoy a two hour cruise on the Tempisque River being the nearest access point to the world famous Palo Verde National Park. Home to hundreds of migrating and local bird species. Among other creatures you might see monkeys, iguanas, small mammals running along the river bank and the might American Crocodile, the largest in the world.

After the safari we provide you with an authentic Costa Rican lunch cooked in a traditional wooden stove. On our return we pass the famous artisan village of Guaitil and learn how the Chorotega Indians make pottery using the same technique that were used by their Pre-Colombian ancestors.