Jaco Canopy Tours

This Jaco Canopy Tour will allow you to go into the canopy and be immersed into nature at eye level. Not many others offer such an experience like this one. What you will see at this level was not too long ago only seen by biologists and photographers. As many know Costa Rica has a number or areas dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and a lot of these places offer Walking Tours Jaco Beach. The problem is that most of the species have evolved to live off the forest floor and in the canopy and that is exactly where our tours take place. So all in all our tour has a much higher rate of success in spotting wildlife which will not leave you disappointed.

We have 15 platforms and 13 lines that send you on a jungle excursion. All of our platforms are attached to a very sturdy hold and have multiple safety harnesses once the harness is secure to the cable we will send you speeding tree to tree. The last cable sends you in front of our offices at a high speed getting up to about 50 mph. Once at the last platform we will get you unhooked and sent down to the ground safely.

This isn't exactly built for everyone. This tour is more on the adventure side, but seeing as how this has become so popular there are a lot of small business groups starting up without the appropriate safety equipment so please take into consideration our professionalism. Here at King Tours we pride ourselves on safety and good communication. We guarantee the safest and most up to date equipment accompanied with the most interactive, fun but professional crew. Our guides are entertaining and very good at taking that little bit of fear away that naturally comes with an activity as such. Join us as we soar across the canopy with the beautiful bay of Jaco in the background.


8:00 am - 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


3-4 hours


All children and adults. If you are going zip lining then be prepared to reach top notch speeds of about 50 mph on one of the lines.


Hiking shoes or tennis, Comfortable clothes, Camera, Insect repellent, Sun Protection


A/C Transportation from/to your home rental or Hotel in Jaco or Los Suenos, Professional guides and equipments, Fresh fruits, H2O

Jaco Canopy Tours

Jaco Canopy Tours, we started in Costa Rica and now export this technology around the world. Beware of Imitations! The Costa Rica Canopy Tour offers everyone an exhilarating opportunity to soar through the rain forest high above the forest floor. There you will view jungle life from a perspective previously reserved for a select group of researchers and photographers...