Jaco Rappelling Tour

Canyoning or Canyoneering is an exciting multi-sport adventure that is gaining in popularity for the masses. It is not just for die hard adventurers and expert climbers anymore. At Jaco Canyoning you have the opportunity to experience true Canyoning even if you have never been in a harness. Just 15 minutes from Jaco we will arrive at a beautiful 800 acre property to start your adventure. You will be outfitted with latest and safest gear from Black Diamond in the USA. After being instructed on the safe and proper use of the equipment we will begin our hike into the canyon (20-30 minutes). Your naturalist guides will stop along the way to point interesting flora and fauna. Monkey, Toucan and Scarlet Macaw sightings are common!

After arriving at the top we will zipline over of a gorgeous 200 waterfall. Then we will begin our descent down through the waterfalls. We will rappel down the face of 4 waterfalls from 60-90 feet!! You will not be lowered down, YOU will do it all on your own. At all times you will be safe and backed up by your guides! By the time you are finished you can say I am a canyoneer! and take one off your bucket list. A short hike further and we will then ZIP-OUT on 2 Canopy Ziplines. The longest is over 2000 feet! We will then enjoy a tropical fruit snack and a beverage before returning to your hotel. Fun for the whole family - we have taken people from ages 7 - 78 All you need is a little sense of adventure!

Jaco Rappelling Tour

Jaco Rappelling Tour,