Monteverde Sky Walk

Monteverde which means ‘green mountain’ in Spanish, was founded by the Quaker community that migrated from North America to Costa Rica in the 1950’s. The most surprising thing you will notice when arriving in Monteverde is much of the town remains untouched by modernity.

When the Quakers founded Monteverde their main source of income was from dairy farming, the brand Monteverde was established here and produces some of the best dairy products in Costa Rica.

Monteverde is considered a major eco tourism destination in Costa Rica. This area was called by National Geographic as “the jewel in the crown of cloud forests”. By popular vote, Monteverde was voted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Costa Rica by the Costa Rican Newspaper La Nacion. Monteverde is misty, humid, and windy with an average temperature of just 18 °C as it rests high up in the Tilaran Mountain Range.

The Skywalk allows you to walk through the Cloud Forest on suspension bridges and trails, 90% of the species are found on top of the trees, making this a very exciting adventure for the entire family.