Whale Watching Costa Rica

During mid July to mid November and mid December to march we have a large quantity of whales that come to our coast to give birth. Some will even hang around here year round which is why this is one of the best Whale Watching Tour destinations in the Pacific Ocean.

There's no site like seeing whales swim gracefully through the water breaking the surface every so often for air. It's a very wild experience being so close to these mammals. Costa Rica is home to the Blue Whales, Pilot Whales, Beaked Whales, Brides Whales, Orcas, Sea Whales and False Killer Whales, along with six species of dolphins.

Costa Rica is one of the only places where whales from the northern and southern hemispheres collide and come in contact with each other which makes this a very special place, and it's not as if they are just passing through.

This tour begins departing from Punta Uvita Beach enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline of Costa Ballena . While cruising in the boat observe the diversity of shore and pelagic birds nesting and roosting in the Islets of the park. Keep your eyes open for spinner, spotted and bottled nosed dolphins all Along the way, these mammals are locals at the Uvita coast.