Arenal Lake Fishing

Arenal Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Costa Rica. Fishing Lake Arenal is an experience of a lifetime for the serious angler or novice. Lake Arenal is world-famous for a spectacular fish called the rainbow bass, or guapote in Spanish. Lake Arenal also has another hard-fighting fish called machaca, which looks like a piranha with rows of razor sharp teeth.

During your fishing trip you fish at the base of Arenal Volcano, close enough to see and hear lava and boulders roll down the mountain. Most days the volcano has small eruptions of ash and steam, making for a very unique fishing story.

Arenal Lake is rather shallow on the far west end, and up to 180 feet deep at the east end by the volcano. As the lake levels change during the year, many islands appear and disappear, making it tricky to navigate at low water levels, this is also the best time for fishing on Lake Arenal.