Arenal Volcano Tour

This hiking tour is one of the best ways to experience Arenal Volcano National Park. You will be able to hike one of the parks easy-to-navigate trails which will take you through former lava fields and secondary rainforest. Arenal Volcano is well known for the ease of access and well-maintained park system, making this a perfect tour for those with limited mobility or young children.

Arenal Volcano National Park is located within the 790 square mile Arenal Tilaran Conservation area. Arenal "was" the most active volcano in Costa Rica, now second to Turrialba. Arenal still has activity, ash columns and eruptions are unpredictable. For these reasons the park offers 4 hiking trails all highly marked and these trails will give you the closest possible view of the Volcano. These trails take you over old lava fields and savanna.

We high recommend the Los Heliconias trail as it leads to a lookout that has a spectacular view of the Volcano and Arenal Lake area.

The Four Trails

The park’s main lookout, which offers spectacular views of the volcano, Arenal Lake and the 1968 and 1992 lava flows, can be reached via a .93-mile walk from the Heliconias Trail (.62 miles), which begins at the ranger station. The Las Coladas Trail (1.24 miles) is a mostly-flat trail that wraps around the base of Arenal Volcano and offers views of old lava flows from the last major eruption in 1992. The Los Tucanes Trail begins where the Las Coladas Trail ends, continuing on for another 1.86 miles through the rainforest to old lava beds from past eruptions. The Los Miradores Trail begins at park headquarters and leads 1.2 kilometers to Lake Arenal. The closest hiking to the lava flows (and the only one offering hikes on the big lava flows), is the Arenal 1968 trail, which begins near the park entrance.

Arenal National Park also is home to second Volcano called Cerro Chato, this Volcano has been inactive for 3,500 years.

This tour is highly recommended for nature lovers, birds watchers and those interested in the beautiful history of Volcanoes and Costa Rica.