Cano Negro Wildlife Tour

The Cano Negro tour is a floating tour by boat, kayak, or canoe. Perfect for bird watchers, animal lovers and young children.

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is a Wildlife refuge, part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area, in the northern part of Costa Rica twenty kilometers south of Los Chiles near the border with Nicaragua. Costa Rica is world renowned for the biodiversity of our wildlife and nowhere displays the beauty of this than The Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. The forests, grasslands and marshes in Cano Negro provide shelter for various endangered species such as cougars, jaguars, tapirs ' ocelots, peccary and several species of monkey such as white-headed capuchin, mantled howler and Geoffroy's spider monkey. In the dry season the river is reduced to little lagoons, channels and beaches which is home to thousands of migratory birds of many species such as storks, spoonbills, ibis, anhingas, ducks and cormorants.