Hiking Celeste River Costa Rica

This tour will take you on a beautiful guided hike through lush rainforest to the cascading Celeste Waterfall.

The Celeste River is located in the Tenorio River National Park the River Celeste is distinctive for the turquoise colour of the waters, the word celeste translates to "sky-blue".

We begin this tour with a moderate hike through lush rainforest to the Celeste Waterfall where you can swim and enjoy the cascading turquoise waters. Keep an eye out for blue morpho butterflies, tropical birds, tapirs, ocelots, sloths and spider monkeys. Relax along this picturesque scene as your guide shares local myths about how the river got its eye-catching color. Continue on your hike to the Los Teñideros, which features the convergence of two rivers in the jungle. Behold the clear waters turning bright blue when they merge as if by magic — a natural spectacle caused by a chemical reaction of volcanic minerals in the water. At the end of your hike enjoy a typical style Costa Rican lunch.