Expedition to Chato Hill

This tour is a extremely strenuous but rewarding hike to the inactive volcano Cerro Chato.

The Chato Volcano is inactive and it is believed Cerro Chato first erupted 38,000 years ago during the Pleistocene period and last erupted about 3,500 years ago. One of the lava flows is now the route for La Fortuna Waterfall. The hill has two peaks, named Chatito (little Chato) and Espina (Thorn). A crater about 500 metres (1,600 ft) wide is filled with green water, making the Lagoon Cerro Chato.

Cerro Chato is located in the town of Arenal, home to the very popular Arenal Volcano National Park. Cerro Chato Volcano is one of the less common Volcanoes explored in Costa Rica because of the challenging terrain. However, once you reach the highest point of Cerro Chato (1,140 meters or 3,740 feet) you will be welcomed by the most beautiful surreal green lagoon. The scenery during the hike to the top is absolutely stunning with large tree roots covering most of the path and many tropical plants, and birds.