Damas Islands Mangrove Boat Tour

Isla Damas, or Damas Island, is a small island in Costa Rica in the 15 minutes from Quepos and Manual Antonio. Damas Island is commonly known for its estuaries lined with mangroves. Fauna on the island include white-faced monkeys, sloths, green iguanas, crocodiles, spectacled caimans, boas, crab-eating raccoons and silky anteaters, as well as crabs and numerous bird species, such as: heron, pelicans.

Join us on our Damas Island Boat adventure and explore the exotic flora and fauna, experience curious families of monkeys as they migrate across their ecosystem in search for food - which includes your boat. Discover the different exotic trees of Costa Rica and learn from your experienced guide about the wonderful history and characteristics of why this ecosystem is so important to the biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Caimans, sloths, crocodiles, boas, white face monkeys, egrets, and so many more species of wildlife, as your boat leisurely winds its way through the mangrove channels along the gentle currents of the coastal tides.