At this tour your will navigate through this exotic ecosystem. Spend a few hours paddling with the currents as your highly trained, bilingual naturalist guides unveil to youl the protected inland waterways of the Damas Estuary and mangrove habitat. Explore an extraordinary plethora of flora and fauna as you learn about, experience, and participate in our magical Mangrove Tours and tropical rain forest ecosystem tour.

Along the way we will be paddling as a team to ensure we make it down the river as smooth as possible. Along this river we will also be under the shade of several tall species of mangroves, which grow only in select areas of the world and in Costa Rica. The pace of this adventure is determined by your abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop and observe (or learn about) - all in its natural and breathtaking habitat. Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, hunt for nocturnal silky anteaters and several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the mangroves, and listen to the songs of the various marine birds as they glide over your kayak curiously looking for adventure.

After your adventure, yet depending upon the time your trip began, enjoy a delicious and well-deserved Tico style meal (a hot breakfast, lunch or dinner) at one of our local Manuel Antonio restaurants.




Call - Tour Times depend on the Ocean Tides, Private Tours Available


Hiking shoes or tennis, Comfortable clothes, Sun Protection, Insect repellent, Extra set of clothes and a towel for your trip back is highly recommended.


A/C Transportation from your home rental or Hotel at Manuel Antonio, Quepos and more..., Professional guides and equipments, Hot meal

Damas Island Mangrove Kayaking

Damas Island Mangrove Kayaking, f you think the Damas Island Night Mangrove Tours is sedentary, then let our “interactive” tropical rainforest and delicate mangrove ecosystem knock you out of your seat in your boat ...