Manual Antonio National Park

Manual Antonio National park was Costa Rica's first ecotourism destination, the views from the hill tops, the white sandy beaches and the abundance of wildlife make this one of the most popular destinations for tourism in Costa Rica. Although one of the smallest national parks in the country measuring around 1,680 acres it is still a sight that cannot be missed.

On our tour of Manual Antonio National park we depart early when we have the best opportunity to spot the largest amount of wildlife. Naturally Manual Antonio National Park's rainforest is crawling with howler, white-faced, spider and squirrel monkeys that are not timid to human interaction. Your professional guide will point out sloths, birds, unique critters and answer any questions you have of this beautiful place. After the morning hike we enjoy the beautiful beaches within the National Park, they are stunning hidden coves of white sand and warm waters.

Enjoy a local lunch at a typical Costa Rica restaurant in downtown Manual Antonio before heading back to home base.