Located in Manuel Antonio, our supplier Oceans Unlimited is a professional organization that aims to satisfy our customers and give them the knowledge and skills to handle themselves in any underwater experience. Offering multiple types of dives we have a course designed for everyone who would like to come and join.

The Manuel Antonio coastline with its 12 islands gives us the pick of numerous dive sites. Diving within the Manual Antonio National Park, just a stone's throw from Quepos, the majority of our local dive sites are a maximum of 20 minutes from the port and we consider your experience, preferences and local conditions to guarantee your enjoyment. With scuba diving in Manuel Antonio, most of our dives are between 35 and 60 feet, though there are deeper sites for more experienced divers. Dives typically last 45 minutes and you will see volcanic rock formations, with various hard and soft corals. We have an abundant marine life with schools of Snapper and Jacks, plus White Tip Reef Sharks, Angel Fish, Moorish Idols, Parrot Fish, Puffer Fish, Octopus, Eels, Crustaceans, Sea Turtles and in season(Dec - May) the giant Manta Ray. During your surface interval with KING TOURS you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Manuel Antonio National Park Coastline. Whether based in Quepos or in one of the numerous hotels throughout Manuel Antonio, enjoy a scuba dive trip on your doorstep with KING TOURS.

NOTE: Must have dive certification to participate in this tour, if are not certified you can do a Discover Scuba Diving, and still dive with certified friends. Dive at 2 different sites. (2 tanks and equipment included in trip) Equipment provided mask, fins, regulator, buoyancy compensator, submersible pressure gauge and 3mm wetsuit. All trips are boat trips leaving from Quepos marina, with captain and Divemaster Includes: tropical fruits, cookies, juices, water.

Scuba Diving Manuel Antonio

Scuba Diving Manuel Antonio, This Manuel Antonio Scuba Diving Tours will provide you with enough basic training to get you in the water for your first accredited dive, all in just One Day Tours Manuel Antonio...