Monteverde Extremo Canopy in Costa Rica has an exciting canopy tour with long zipline cables, tarzan swing, a 'superman' cable and a new bungee jump!

The tour begins with 11 cables, the last of which delivers you to the rappel, where you descend to the ground and the awaiting adventure of the Tarzan Swing. Here you will start with a short hike to the upper platform from which you make your 'big jump'. This feature attaches to your harness and allows you to act like its namesake by jumping off the platform and swinging through the area.

After your momentum has eased, guides at a lower platform safely lower you back to the ground. For those willing to step to the very edge of adventure, try doing the Tarzan Swing backwards. Once all the members of your group have experienced the thrill of the Tarzan Swing, it's off to the remaining 3 ziplines.

Superman Zip LineThe superman cable allows you to feel like a bird while you soar over the mountains and pasture land. It is a 1 kilometer cable with a height of 180 meters.

Extremo Swing is a super swing - you will have two harnesses, chest and waist as well as a helmet and carabiners. The swing cable is 50m long and you will be suspended more than 100 meters high!

Difference between the Extreme Swing and the tarzan swing: The Extreme swing is nearly as high as the bungee, about three times higher than the tarzan and an amazing experience. In comparison the tarzan is tame! The Extreme Swing is for anyone who likes an adrenaline kick of the highest order and not for everyone!! The tarzan swing anyone can do and is included in the tour. The Extreme Swing carries an extra charge.

Now Extremo has a new tunnel cable!

You'll experience a unique sensation on one of the best Monteverde cable and feel just like superman




Hiking shoes or tennis, Comfortable clothes, Camera, Insect repellent, Sun Protection


A/C Transportation from/to your home rental or Hotel in Santa Elena Monteverde, Professional guides and equipments, Fresh fruits, H2O