Selvatura Canopy Tour Monteverde

This tour is a true adrenaline rush matched with the beauty of location, inside the rare and virgin Cloud Forest of Monteverde.

The tour begins with an introduction to the safety equipment by local, well-trained guides. During this segment, participants are fitted with high-quality harnesses and taught the proper technique for riding the cables. Soon after, the flight through the forest begins.

This Canopy Tour is one of the finest canopy tours in the country. It’s cables and platforms are built into the cloud forest rather than above it, allowing tour takers to feel truly immersed within the forested environment. In total, there are 15 cables and 18 viewing platforms that stretch over 2 miles – the longest cable length of any canopy tour in Costa Rica. The last rush is the “Tarzan Swing” at the end of the tour, a large, swing-like contraption that allows participants to swing out above the forest.