Cabo Blanco National Park

The park is set along the southernmost portion of the Nicoya Peninsula in an area that's in transition between dry and wet forest. This setting gives a unique combination of both evergreen and deciduous trees and a slew of accompanying animals.

Most of the park is made up of secondary forest, although there are primary forests at higher elevations. As such, this tour is partially an education in reforestation; this land was once dedicated to cattle and agriculture and is now a thriving forest, thanks to the work of restoration ecologists and foresters. Some trails are difficult and lead to higher elevations, while others are mellower and finish at a beautiful white sand beach.

While hiking through the park, you may see anteaters, margays, coatis, sloths, and ocelots. Three of the four monkeys found in Costa Rica can be spotted here – howlers, spiders and capuchins. What's more, over 150 types of trees have been identified within the park. As you walk along, your guide will point out various creatures and plants. Have your camera and questions ready.

The park opens at 8 AM and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. It is recommended to leave your hotel around 7 AM in order to have a better chance at spotting wildlife.