Curu Wildlife Reserve Costa Rica

The Curu Wildlife Refuge is located along the southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. This refuge is small but has abundant wildlife. As a tour participant, you will hike along a series of trails and learn about the plants and animals that thrive in the reserve's five habitat zones.

Curu's wildlife reserve is only 208 acres (84 ha), but includes tropical dry and wet forests, mangrove swamps, marine zones, and farmland. It also connects to the Biological Corridor of the Nicoya Peninsula, and as such provides an important channel for migratory birds and other animals. Over 232 species of birds have been identified here (including Scarlet Macaws, motmots, and White-fronted Amazons), and sea turtles occasionally visit the beach. Howler and capuchin monkeys can be spotted hanging from branches, and there are other animals – including ocelots, margays and anteaters – that call this park home. Your guide will lead you along the trails (none of which are too strenuous) and point out the plant and animal species that you come across.

The reserve is open from 7 AM to 3 PM. Arriving early will give you the best opportunity to spot birds and other animals. The tour lasts six hours. There will be a site where all participants will meet prior to the tour.