Montezuma Horseback Riding Tour

Traverse mountains, meadows, rivers and beaches on this three-hour horseback tour. Horseback riding is a fantastic way to see a sampling of terrain and experience the landscape in a new way.

This ride takes place on a private 5,000-acre (2,020-ha) coastal ranch that is both owned and operated by a local family. The ranch protects one of the country’s most important watersheds, including a turtle nesting site and a portion of the Playa Caletas-Arío National Wildlife Refuge. As such, tour participants will have unrivaled access to some of the region’s most pristine outdoor areas.

The tours leave three times each day – 8:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM. The various times offer flexibility for travelers, and also provide a different experience depending on the time of day. The morning tour has better bird watching opportunities, while the afternoon tour ends with a view of the sunset. Along the way, your guide may stop in at a local cantina, where you can enjoy a soft drink, juice or beer.

The horses used in these tours are well trained and cared for. The horses (and the landscape) are suitable for first-timers or experienced riders, and the quality of the equipment is top-notch.

The tour will begin from a pre-arranged meeting point.