Irazu Volcano, Orosi Valley and Gardens

This tour combines the Irazu Volcano National Park and the enchantment of the Orosi Valley and Lankester Gardens.

Irazu Volcano at its base measures 500 square kilometers, Costa Rica's largest Volcano. The name Irazu is a derivative of an Indian word meaning 'thunder and earthquake mountain'. The volcanic ash from Irazu has made the soil in the surrounding areas very fertile, but there is not much wildlife found here due to volcanic activity. Robins, owls, porcupines, hummingbirds, foxes, rabbits and coyotes are a few of the animals that can be spotted in this national park.

Continue our hike to the top of the Irazu Volcano to the Deigo de la Haya crater that has a 300 meter green-colored lake in the center of it. At the top of the volcano you can observe the main craters and on a clear day both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be seen.

We then stop into Lankester Gardens, a Center for investigation of University of Costa Rica that protects more than 800 species of orchids, bromeliads and countless species of other plants.

We then continue to the Valley of Orosi, a historical gem in Costa Rica. Its striking Cathedral dating back to 1639 is a place of pilgrimage and millions of people make the journey on foot from all over the country at the beginning of every August. In Orosi, its sacred black Madonna, La Negrita, draws people all year round.

We finish of this spectacular tour with a Costa Rican lunch at a local Restaurant.