Pacuare River Rafting Tour

Pacuare is famous for the sheer beauty of the river gorge, a river with steep lush walls of the mountain range. You will enjoy the feeling of complete isolation as you are emerged in the untouched beauty of the nature surrounding the Pacuare River. It is not uncommon for tropical birds to fly overhead as you enjoy beautiful waterfalls cascading down the steep river cliffs.

The Pacuare is a challenging 18 mile paddle, a total of 52 rapids, the Pacuare river is considered a class III-IV.

The first 4 miles consists of fun class II-III rapids which is a perfect time to test your new river skills and gain confidence in your team. Here you can find pockets of secondary growth forest that is extremely beautiful. After about 40 minutes we will enter the famous Pacuare River Gorge, which is 5 miles of some of the best white water Costa Rica has to offer. The rapids here are "Terciopelo snake", "Double drop", "Upper and Lower Huacas", "Pin ball" just to name a few. You will also see the Huacas waterfall, a 150 foot dramatic drop into the river.

After the gorge the rivers opens up to a 5 mile stretch on the Valle del Pacuare, where the river has a different character. It is wide open, which gives you the opportunity to rest a bit and take the opportunity to do some wildlife spotting. The main rapids here are "Cimarrones", "The Play Hole", "El Indio" and "Magnetic Rock". The forest remains just as lush, and the rapids just as fun.

We finish in Siquirres, at our own private Exploration Center, where you can take a shower, change and enjoy the gardens and terrace while having a beer or two and reflecting with your new friends about the great adventure you just shared