San Jose City Tour

The San Jose City Tour will take you into the most sacred, historical and important monuments and landmarks of Costa Rica.

The San Jose Tour begins on the east side as we visit the National Museum, the Courts, Los Yoses, San Pedro Mall, Hispanidad Fountain and the Rodrigo Facio Campus in the University of Costa Rica.

Our next stop will be the impressive Pre-Colombian Gold Museum, followed by the beautiful National Theatre where we will have a guided visit through both cultural gems.

We then continue to San Jose West, as we visit La Sabana Metropolitan Park, The Costa Rican Contemporary Art Museum, The Gymnasium, and the residential area of Rohrmoser, Nunciatura, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Oscar Arias Sanchez's home, Rohrmoser Boulevard and Pavas Section.

To complete the amazing historical and educational tour of San Jose we will have the opportunity to visit local shopping markets to buy hand carved and local souvenirs.

Please note that on Sundays the National Theatre is closed, we will visit the exterior and talk about the historical importance of the surrounding areas and continue to the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.