Snorkeling at Marino Ballena

This snorkeling tour explores the reefs at Marino Ballena National Park. Marino Ballena is the largest coral reef on the Pacific side of Central America, these reefs are a snorkelers paradise!

The park covers an extension of 110 land hectares and 5,375 sea hectares and is named after the humpback whales that migrate from mid July and October, and again in December through March from feeding and mating grounds in the north and south hemispheres to the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica.

The objective of Marino Ballena is to conserve the rich marine ecosystems that are found inside the park boundaries. The Marino Ballena National Park forms part of the 1% of Costa Rica's protected marine territory. Costa Rica is a country which has 11 times more marine territory than land.

You will also have the opportunity to spot whales and dolphins during your boat ride to the reefs and pass by the Ventanas Caves.

Snorkeling Costa Rica Tours
Snorkeling Costa Rica Tours