Scuba Diving Guanacaste

The Pacific does not always have the best visibility but the marine life sure makes up for it! Shark encounters are almost daily and this area is infested with all types of Rays Manta, Stingrays, Bull Rays and Spotted Eagle Rays to name a few.

Big schools of fish will move in front of your bubbles as loads of puffer fish will move towards the volcanic rock formations. Remember coral formations do not abound, but the volcanic rock is home to the most amazing small creatures, from shrimp to nudibranchs, big moray eels and octopi.

The Local Dive sites are great year round. The Catalina Islands are a must from November until May, where you will have the best chance to see the giant mantas at their cleaning stations. If you are in for an adventure, from May till November it is Bat Islands time. This is an advanced dive and we do require you to do a local dive first to make sure you are to the level required. It is a free descent to 30 meters where you will most likely enjoy superb Bull Shark sightings.

Every dive has a new surprise.