Jaco Rappelling Tour

Rappelling is an exciting multi-sport adventure that is gaining in popularity and is not just for expert climbers. You will be assisted by expert guides and climbers, your trek starts out with a 20 - 30 minute hike into the canyon. Along the way enjoy the beauty of tropical plants, flora and fauna, monkeys, and toucans.

When you arrive at the top of the canyon you will zip line over a gorgeous 200 ft waterfall! We then begin our descent rappelling down 4 waterfall faces ranging from 60 - 90 feet. Your expert guides help you the entire journey ensuring you are safe and comfortable. It is the experience of a lifetime and a bucket list item for many! We continue out of the forest on 2 more zip lines and arrive back at home base where you will enjoy light refreshments and topical fruit before your return trip to Jaco.


Light refreshment & snack, safety gear, expert guides, round trip transportation